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Růžový hrádek Restaurant MenuOur restaurant focuses on traditional Czech specialities, as well as classic Czech food. You will also find selected ready-to-serve meals and steaks. You will always find game dishes made using venison and boar.

Of our specialities, we would recommend you our Staročeská bašta (Traditional Bohemian Feast), a large plate holding 1 200 g of food for a number of people – duck, grilled knee, grilled neck, bacon, home-made sausage with a delicious spicy garlic sauce and freshly baked traditional Czech bread.

Of our classic meals, we’d choose hovězí svíčková pečeně (roast sirloin steak) with cranberry and home-made bread dumplings, or selská vepřová pečeně (country-style roast pork) with a selection of bread, potato and bacon dumplings with home-prepared cabbage.

You can enjoy a side salad with your main meal, or top it all off with something sweet.

Download menu (PDF, 503 kB)

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